Talking Tom Cat 2

Talking Tom Cat 2 4.8

Tom is back - and now he has his own pad!


  • Funny talkback feature
  • Lots of actions
  • Share videos of Tom with your friends


  • The novelty wears off after a while


Talking Tom Cat 2 is the sequel to the popular game in which a feline called Tom speaks back to you whatever you say.

The difference between Talking Tom Cat 2 and the first version, is that now Tom has found success he's moved out of the alley and managed to get himself an apartment. He's got company too, in the shape of Talking Ben the Dog, who pops up to annoy the heck out of Tom.

The principle of Talking Tom Cat 2 is, as always, that the cat repeats back anything you say in a funny voice. There are plenty of new ways in which you can interact with Tom, too. Press the fart button and Ben will come along and fart, causing Tom to hold his nose. You can then speak and he'll repeat it back with his nose pinched.

Other new additions to Talking Tom Cat 2 include a bag button that causes Ben to come along and burst a paper bag, a phone button that makes Tom play with the original talking Tom Cat iPhone app, plus a feathers button that makes Ben hit Tom with a pillow (not available in the free version).

Talking Tom Cat 2 has other actions such as the ability to slap Tom's face, or pet him to make him purr. There's also the ability to record a video of what you're doing to Tom and share it with friends. Still, all this gets a bit boring once you've tried it all out!

Playing with Talking Tom Cat 2 is great fun, but the novelty of it doesn't last forever.

Fixed a serious issue of Tom not being able to wear multiple accessories at once.


  • Fixed a serious issue of Tom not being able to wear multiple accessories at once.

Talking Tom Cat 2


Talking Tom Cat 2 4.8

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